Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) involves optimizing a website and its content such as well written test, photos and video clips that encourage users to engage with the website and share the content via social media.


Even though many organization overlooked the importance of Social Media Optimization (SMO), it is an important factor in your search ranking. When you optimize your social media you get the direct benefit of people finding your profile and connecting to you. Also, you will get a link to your website from your social media profile. These links are high-quality links because of social sites which have a high web authority. This means that even your social page like Facebook is new it’s likely to rank well in Google because of Facebooks high web authority. utmost caution should be taken while creating your social profile like giving complete profile information because of search engine favor social profile with a complete social profile. If you want to take maximum benefits out of social media you have to structure your keywords and key phrases properly into your social profile. Keywords play a very important factor for your website, blog, ad campaigns and on your social media contents. We promise you that you will witness your brands’ exponential success when you trust on us. Talk to our team and we will be highly happy to help you with your requirements.  

What you can expect

Before starting your Search Media Optimization (SMO) you have to decide which of the social media will be considered such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and then creating your complete profile on each and every selected social media. It’s mandatory to write down complete profile information on your social media page because of search engine favor profiles that have complete information. Utmost caution should be taken in avoiding social media mistakes such as posting too many articles, stories or images in a short time, sharing irrelevant content and most importantly not responding to your comments or queries. Social media are two-way communication, to engage properly and to build a loyal customer base you have to respond to each and every comments. 
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