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11 Effective SEO techniques for more organic traffic in 2021

11 Effective SEO techniques for more organic traffic in 2019

Do you want to get more organic traffic?

Understanding these effective SEO techniques are significantly important to get more organic traffic on your website and to create brand awareness.

We all familiar that Google’s algorithms are constantly updated so it’s important to keep us updated with the latest SEO trends.

I can assure you that once you read the complete article and improvement in your website you will become an SEO expert.

I will try to cover all the effective SEO techniques to get more organic traffic in 2019.

My main objective from this article is to convey the effective SEO techniques in very simple language. If you do not understand anything or want to know about any other topic you can write down on the comment section and I will surely answer the same.

It is always advisable to know the SEO techniques before you start building your website. So, you can keep in the mind what to add in your website to rank in on Google other than your brand name.

If you follow these SEO techniques you will surely able to rank your website on Google search results. We all know that Google will help us to get the desired traffic if we optimize our website properly by using SEO techniques.

So let’s begin:

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta Description Tag
  3. Header Tags
  4. Keyword consistency
  5. Use Google Keyword Planner to find the right keywords
  6. Body Content
  7. Image alt attributes
  8. Backlink
  9. Use social media marketing wisely
  10. Local Listings
  11. Have patience

Now we will discuss each and every topic in details.

1. Title Tag

The title tag is the first line of your website that displays on Google’s search results.

Before you start designing your website you should consider your title tag. The title tag is of utmost importance. Visitors will click on your website if they find value and relevance in your title tag. Title tag display what is your website all about.

The title tag should contain between 10 to 70 characters. You should keep your main keywords in the title tag.

2. Meta Description Tag

When your website ranks on a particular keyword on Google search result it shows your website in a specific format.
First, your title tag, second, your domain name and then meta description.

That is why meta description is so important. Google will relate to the search queries with meta description and show up your website if it is relevant.

Optimal meta description length should be between 70 and 320 characters

People will click to your website when your title tag and meta description are relevant to what they are searching for.

I would request you to keep your keyword phrases in the meta description.

3. Header Tags

Optimizing your header tag is of utmost importance. Header tags are the headings of your website. Search engine often crawls your heading tags and rank is based on the relevant search queries.

H1 is the HTML tag which is the title tag of your website. H2 is the subheading tag and so on.

We have to arrange H1 to H6 properly for on-page optimization but, H1, H2, and H3 are more important for your on-page optimization.

You have to use your keywords in H1 and the in H2 and subsequent in H3. This keywords arrangement should be search engine friendly and user-friendly. You can just copy paste keywords in heading tags.

You have to use the short tail and long tail keywords cleverly. This heading is important for search engine than the other texts. This is an important SEO technique.

4. Keyword consistency

It is important to have your keywords throughout the pages. But, you have to put the keywords is such a way that it mixes properly with the other contents. It should in a readable format.

Some times there are keywords that your website rank for but you did not think that word a keyword.

This is why your main objective should be writing unique and quality content on your website.

Only text will look at your website really boring for the readers. You can use different quality research data, images, infographics and videos on your website to attract the reader’s attention for a long time.

This way you can lower the bounce rate of your homepage and tell the search engine that your website has unique and quality content.

5. Use Google Keyword Planner to find the right keywords

We should consider Google keyword planner to write any types of content on your website and in your articles.

Keyword planner will give you guidance about the keyword or the content that people are searching on the web.

When writing a blog or articles for your website consider keyword planner to understand which keyword can bring traffic to your website.

You can compare with your competitor to identify the short tail and long tail keyword to use in your website to drive traffic to your website. Some percent of this traffic can convert into sales.

6. Body Content

A good amount of content is very crucial for your website to rank high on search results. It is ideal to have 1000 plus word count to show up on Google search ranking. Researches prove that a page with 1000 words plus images and infographic will tend to rank higher on Google search ranking.

A low amount of content in a website consider by Google as ‘thin’ content and don’t rank well in Google’s search results.

This is the reason for having a good amount of content on your website is an effective SEO technique.

We know that content is the key. So you have to research well before you start writing unique content. Search engine like Google will promote your website when you have a content rich website with you. Content rich website means a lot of unique and quality content website.

7. Image alt attributes

Image alt attributes mean alternative description to your image. This alt attribute earlier used by a visually impaired person using a screen reader to understand the image of that website.

An alt attribute must be descriptive of an image.

It is useful when an image doesn’t load properly but, by reading the alt attribute you can understand what the image is about.

Before writing an alt attribute to your image consider what line can describe your image to the readers if they can’t see the image. Even search engine crawlers use the alt attribute to understand what is your image is all about.

An alt attribute is not a place to put your keywords but, I would recommend you to use all attribute smartly in the alt attribute. This will help you to improve your SEO score and this is an effective SEO technique to rank higher on search results.

8. Backlinks

Backlinks are considered by the search engine as a pages authority to rank higher.

A backlink refers to the link that points out to your website. When a website has high domain authority and that website refers to your website then your website becomes popular for search engine like Google.

Creating high-quality backlinks are one of the effective SEO techniques.

The number of backlinks you have on your website, chances are higher to rank on search results.

Broadly speaking backlinks are of 2 types:

Dofollow and

The ratio of do follow and no follow can be 80:20. But, you have to check what’s work for you and whats not.

You have to remember one thing is ranking organically requires you to have quality backlinks.

9. Use social media marketing wisely

Your prospects are spending a lot of time on different social media for sure. why not target them on social media then?

All business must utilize the social platform to promote its product and solution. It’s easy to create a business page on social platforms and start showcasing your product and solution on it. It’s necessary to post regularly on social media.
An active social profile drives more traffic than inactive or fewer updates on the social profile.
Many businesses leverage the benefits of social media by placing advertising on it. Facebook and Google ads are very popular among businesses.

The SEO score of a website increases when it promotes highly on all major social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

These are the social media platforms are you should not avoid as part of your social media marketing strategy and effective SEO technique.

When you have a great social media strategy it will drive huge traffic to your website. Even, we can not totally depend on Google for all the organic traffic.

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10. Local Listings

Buyers for your local area is important for your business to grow. localities can quickly visit your company for any need and if you serve better they don’t have to go far for their needs.

There are many websites for local listing for your websites such as yellow pages.

When you register your business on Google My Business then Google will automatically show up your result when someone from the nearby search for a solution that you provide.

Whether a small or big organization, leveraging local listing to drive traffic is an important SEO technique.

11. Have patience

We can follow all the essential SEO technique on our website but, it will not start showing the desired result within a week.
We have to understand that every activity will take time to show us the result.

What I mean to say is that we should not be disappointed that we are not getting the result. We have to wait a lot of time to get the result.

When we dedicate our self to achieve our goal and work on it we surely taste the success.
We need to have patience until our website flooded with huge traffic.

Once well follow all the above effective SEO Technique your success is imminent.
Last, by not the list, you can run an SEO audit of your website to see the improvement capability of your website. You can make the necessary changes accordingly.

For this, I would recommend using SEO Site Checkup website for full SEO analysis.

Request you to let me know in the comment section if you have any query regarding current SEO techniques.

Thank You!

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