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How to choose a website design agency in 2021

We all understand how difficult it is to find a web design company or a web development company in recent times. It is because of the objective we want to achieve on our website. For many web agencies, it is how much is the bottom line they earn out of it. Some web agencies will develop your website but that will never rank on Google search engines.
My question is why to create a website if it’s not rank on Google?

The most important factor you should consider before creating a professional web design or e-commerce website Development.

  1. When your website will rank on Google first page?
  2. What you have to do to achieve this?
  3. How much time and money will it take?

You should have all the answers with you before hiring a web developer. 

Best web design company or web development company always follow the below steps to create a masterpiece for their clients:

1.  Buy a domain:

To create a website or e-commerce website you need a domain. A domain is what that is to type on the browser to reach yo your website for example Here, is the domain name.

2.  SSL certificate:

If you want to create a website or e-commerce website in 2019 you should have an SSL certificate.  SSL certificate encrypts your critical data. It is a must-have when going for an e-commerce website as it protects your cards data. Google shows not safe sign when your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate

3.  Web designer and or web developer:

We now that a web design company and web development company have a dedicated web designer and web developer for their clients. It is their responsibility to create a design and take approval from the client. The number of pages, a blog page, contact us page, and logo design as per clients choice is made.

4.  Content:

All of us knows that content is the key. It is of utmost importance to have a simple and unique content on your website. It has to be SEO friendly. Most of the time the client provides the content but, sometimes the web development company have to write the content.

5. SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is basically optimizing your website’s content, images and videos to rank on the search engine like Google or Bring. A web design company or a web development company always works on keywords or key phrases. A proper keywords research is important for your SEO success. So, what are the keywords? Keywords are the words or phrases used on search engines to find the desired result. For example, if I want to buy sports shoes online then I will type “sports shoes for men” or “sports shoes for women” on the search engine like Google. This “sports shoes for men” or “sports shoes for women” are called keywords or key phrases. That is used to get the desired result. A web design company or a web development company knows the importance of Google Keyword Planner to find out the desired keyword to optimize the website and write SEO friendly articles.

6.  Social Media Optimization (SMO):

All web design company or a web development company knows the most important of Social media optimization.  The best thing is that social media is completely free. You don’t need any money to create a business account on all popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. All these social media have high web-authority which helps your website to get links and traffic from social media. All major web design company or web development company take special care to create a social profile by filling up complete details about their client’s information. All the necessary fields should be filled up to get the desired results from social media.

7.  PPC (Pay Per Click):

PPC is a high caliber service.  We use this service when we want to reach out to our potential customers online via paid camping  PPC is the best-paid camping service that is available now. The client only has to pay a certain amount when the prospects click on the advertisement. Most web design company and web development company do not prefer a paid campaign for the newly started business. It’s because you can get good traffic to your website from social media and writing blogs on your blog page.

8.  Blog Page:

Web design company or a web development company must create a blog page for their client’s website. Nowadays a blog page is must to rank well on Google. You have the privilege to write articles regarding your product or services. Your article can help prospects to understand the market and able to buy the best product for his/her need. From the blog page, you can get good traffic to your website which leads to more sales.

Many would ask why it is important to have  SEO, SMO, PPC services with a  web design company or for a web development company? Is all this required to design and develop the website?

I will say YES to it.

Your website should be designed in such a way that it brings money to you. That is only possible when you achieve high traffic on your website and to get high traffic a web design company should have all the above solution in place. A web design company or a web development company doing justice to his clients only when he has all the above solutions in place. In the below image we will see how Google analytics shows us how our users reach to us. How many users are from the direct search from Google, how many from social media, and how many from organic search. All this data help you to improve your website quality. 

Much more important information about your website can be obtained from Google analytics such as which devices are used to visit your website. 

I’m going to discuss the most important criteria before selecting a web design company or a web development company to create your website.

1.  Reasonable costing:

How much will it cost you to design or develop a website?

You should have a clear understanding of the cost that is involved to create a website. Many web design company or web development company does not share you transparent pricing. There is a hidden cost that they hide from you. You have been smart enough to understand the pricing structure and negotiate after selecting the best web design company or web development company.

2.  Quality of website:

Before you create a website or create an e-commerce website you have to check the quality of the website created by the web development company in their earlier project. Where they buy a domain and hosting is most important. A good hosting service provider you maximum uptime for your website. That means your website will be up and running all the time. The image on your website should be royalty free and high quality. Printable image increases the quality of your website. I would request all to consider the quality of the website before selecting any web design company or web development company.

3.  Meeting deadlines:

Every web design company or web development company must complete the website development within the timeframe. Time is money.  So if the web development company could not able to deliver on time then it should consider that the web design company have poor time management skill. This could lead to missing an opportunity because you are late. I would suggest the web development company to be very clear on the timeline before deciding the deadline for the project. You can commit more time and take less time to finish the project. Which will make your client happy. So, meeting deadline is an effective criterion to select a web development company to create your website. 

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Hope I able to cover most of the criteria to choose the best web design company or web development company in India.  If I miss any kindly let me know in the comment section. 
I would like to conclude that whatever I mentioned here is what I learned from my personal journey. I would request all to provide your valuable opinion on the comment section. You can ask a question regarding the same topic and I will answer all the comments. 
Thanks for reading!!!





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